Public engagement and research outreach

The Regan lab are keen to share our enthusiasm for science with the wider community, and to dispel myths about science and scientists. 


Previous engagement events 

Leith Labs at Ocean Terminal shopping centre    

On Saturday 29th September, we took part in Leith Labs within Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre.

We talked to shoppers of all ages about the building blocks of proteins with duplo bricks as a visual aid.


For more information about how to take part in Leith Labs please visit the explorathon website.



Soapbox Science

Here is Lynne participating in Edinburgh’s Soapbox Science event. Researchers from across Scotland take to their soapboxes on the streets of Edinburgh to share their passion for a huge range of research.

Read about Lynne's soapbox experience here. 

For more information about upcoming soapbox science events click here








Curran summer campers 2015


Science for Middle School Campers

We have prepared and presented hands-on activities to demonstrate a variety of science topics, including chromatography, light and protein hydrogels. Pictured here is Curran demonstrating the principle of diffusion to middle school summer camp students.