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About Lynne

Lynne was born in Leeds. She read Biochemistry at Oxford University then moved to M.I.T. for her Ph.D. research with Paul Schimmel. As a postdoc with Bill DeGrado, she began the new field of protein design, moving to Yale to start her own lab in 1990. After many productive years at Yale University, where she was Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry; Professor for Chemistry; Director of the Raymond and Beverley Sackler Institute for Biological, Physical and Engineering Sciences she moved to the University of Edinburgh in 2018, as Chair of Interdisciplinary Science in the Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology, Institute for Quantitative Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology. 

Employment and Positions

2018 (July)- present  Head of the Institute of Quantitative Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology. Chair in Interdisciplinary Science, Center for Synthetic & Systems Biology, University of Edinburgh

1990- 2018 Assistant, Associate, Professor Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale University, New Haven, CT

2000- 2018 Professor of Chemistry, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA

2008- 2018 Director, Raymond and Beverly Sackler Institute for Biological, Physical and Engineering Sciences

2011- 2013 President, The Protein Society

1987- 1989 Visiting Scientist with Dr. W.DeGrado, du Pont, USA

1981- 1987 Ph.D. student with Prof. P.Schimmel, Dept. Biology, M.I.T., USA

Current Lab members


Louise Holyoake, Lab manager 

As lab manager of the Regan lab I am responsible for all aspects of the research operation. I am also implementing novel structure-based protein designs. I’m from the west midlands and studied Genetics with Microbiology for my undergraduate degree at the University of Sheffield. I then went on to do a PhD at the University of Kent, Canterbury. There I studied uropathogenic E. coli (UPEC) which are responsible for a large majority of urinary tract infections. I moved to Edinburgh in 2016 to work with Dr. Baojun Wang where I learnt more about synthetic biology.

I enjoy reading fiction and am always happy to receive recommendations. At the weekends I like to explore the areas around Edinburgh.





Ella Thornton, PhD Student 

Project: Nanoscale engineering of anti-glint materials using Synthetic Biology and protein design.

I’m Ella, and I work on developing synthetic biology enabled nanomaterials. I really enjoy working in cross-disciplinary fields of science and looking at how disciplines outside of science interact, such as Art and Biology – then taking part in related outreach projects to help make science more accessible.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Liverpool, where I first became interested in Synthetic Biology after completing my honours project and subsequent internship at Liverpool GeneMill. This led me to Edinburgh, where I’m now in the second year of my PhD. Outside of my studies, I enjoy drawing, pilates and cycling.



Curran Oi, PhD Student 

Project: Engineering a method for light-inducible targeted protein degradation in E. coli.

I obtained my undergraduate degree in Physics and Nuclear Engineering at MIT and started my PhD studies in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry at Yale in 2014, joining the Regan lab for my thesis research. Outside the lab I enjoy figure skating, hiking, and gardening.





Rossana Boni, PhD Student 

Project: Protein based scaffolds for tissue engineering 

I am a PhD student in the Precision Medicine DTP, and I am working on developing new protein-based materials & scaffolds. I obtained my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano and subsequently my MSc in Bioengineering at the University of Otago. I really enjoy working at the intersection of medicine, biochemistry, and engineering.





Zoe Gidden, PhD Student 

Project: Non-perturbative use of fluorescent proteins for super-resolution microscopy.

My project is co-supervised by Dr. Mathew Horrocks and aims to fluorescently tag proteins, so that they can be imaged using super-resolution microscopy, while minimizing the effect on the normal function of the protein. The technique will ultimately be used to study amyloid proteins in human derived neurons.

I completed my undergraduate degree in biophysics at the University of British Columbia. As part of my degree I spent a year investigating the spread of misfolded protein in motor neurone disease (MND) with the Cashman lab. I thoroughly enjoyed this research experience so I decided to pursue a PhD where I would be able to use my knowledge of physics and biochemistry to research neurodegenerative diseases. 

When I am not in the lab I enjoy getting outside by running and hiking but if it’s too dreich I usually head to the swimming pool or curl up under some blankets with a book.


Alexandre BOCHARD, Intern/Masters Student

I am Alexandre, a French Master's student from the University of Montpellier. I am currently in my first year of Project Management and Biotechnology Innovation and I am doing a five months internship in the Regan Lab. 

My project consists in developing a new surface immobilisation strategy for proteins to be used in high throughput screening applications. 
I completed my undergraduate degree in Health Sciences in the Faculty of Sciences of Limoges. 
Doing my internship in Edinburgh is a great opportunity to broaden my culture and see how 'Science' is done outside France
Outside the lab, I enjoy playing tennis and spending time with friends and family.


Jay Gu, Undergraduate Project Student 

I’m Jay, a 4th year Biochemistry student at the University of Edinburgh, I am currently an honours student in the Regan lab and my project is about implementing novel structure-based protein designs. Outside of my studies, I enjoy going on hikes, cooking and have been a competitive Ballroom/Latin dancer for 3 years.  







Professor Corey O'Hern, Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, Physics and Applied Physics, Yale

We have an extremely productive collaboration with Professor Corey O’Hern to use physics-based methods to understand, analyze and re-design protein structure. Our hard sphere plus stereo chemical constraints approach has already revealed important new paradigms. Going forward, we are particularly interested in protein-protein interactions and the ways in which the affinity and specificity of such interactions can be manipulated. 

View Regan and O'Hern collaborative publication

Professor Robert T. Sauer,Salvador E. Luria Professor of Biology, M.I.T. 

The Sauer lab is expert in mechanistic studies of protein degradation in E. coli. Graduate student Curran Oi is working in the Sauer lab, under the Ivy Exchange Program, to develop new ways to control and target protein degradation.


At the University of Edinburgh:

Dr. Matthew Horrocks, Lecturer in Biophysical Chemistry

Professor Peter Swain, SULSA Chair of Systems Biology, School of Biological Sciences

Dr. Baojun Wang, Chancellor's Fellow, School of Biological Sciences


Past lab members 

Lab Alumni 


Shatha AlQahtani, Master’s Student 

Project: Synthetic protein-based hydrogels

The aim of my research is to create smart, protein-based hydrogels.

I am a general physician. I obtained my undergraduate degree in Medicine & Surgery in Saudi Arabia, 2013.

I am working towards a Master’s degree in Biochemistry at the University of Edinburgh. 

I like travelling, reading, and spending some time with my family.


Qiuwen Yao, Masters Student 

Project: The Building blocks of bio-nanotechnology: Studying the physical properties of designed repeat proteins.

My project aims to explore the physical properties of a series of CTPR proteins using Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry (IM-MS).

Understanding the behavior of designed repeat proteins is important because it will enable us to make supramolecular structures for a variety of nan-engineering applications.

I obtained my undergraduate degree in pharmaceutical engineering in China in 2018.

Now, I am working towards my master’s degree in Drug Discovery and Translational Biology at the University of Edinburgh.

I like Edinburgh, a city full of medieval style and Scottish flair. Something attracting me in addition to the beauty and seafood of Edinburgh, there is also a cultural feast of the Edinburgh International Festival and other festivals.


Fatima Rafiq, Intern/ Undergraduate student 

I am a 2nd Year Biological Sciences Undergraduate student at the University of Edinburgh and I’m joining the Regan lab as an Intern over the summer. I’ll be working on fluorescence imaging strategies for studying protein function in vivo.

Outside my studies, I love reading, cold and rainy days, and most of all Chai. I also enjoy cooking, but often succumb to getting takeout instead.



Ally Kinnear, Foundation Apprentice (Fife College)

 I am a Foundation Apprentice from Fife College and am currently at the University on work placement. I assist people in the lab when needed and everything I do helps build my portfolio. 

Outside of placement, I enjoy weightlifting at the gym, spending time with friends and family and a good sleep is always needed. 






Thomas Lagreze, Intern/Masters Student

Project: Engineering a bio-sensors ELISA test for Johne's disease and Chlamydia abortus diagnoses.

I obtained my undergraduate degree in human biology and biotechnology in Marseille in 2018. 
Now, I am in the first year of master’s degree in Management and Innovation in Biotechnology at the University of Montpellier. I joined the Regan lab for a five months internship.

I like to play handball and cooking. I also enjoy discovering Edinburgh and the British way of life.


Diana Tokarska, Undergraduate Student

I'm a 4th year Biological Sciences student at the University of Edinburgh.  I am doing research for my Honors project in the Regan lab,  focusing on developing and applying new fluorescent imaging strategies.

If not in the lab you can find me cooking away and if the weather is good you might spot me outside with a camera around my neck to capture the beauty of Edinburgh. A fun fact? Over the past 4 years I have lived in 4 different countries. 





Michael Howey, Undergraduate Student

I'm in the fourth year of my undergraduate degree at  the University of Edinburgh,  in Development, Regeneration and Stem cells. My Honors project in the Regan lab involves the design and characterization of designed protein hydrogels for tissue regeneration and cell differentiation. 

Other than biology, I enjoy eating out and keeping active around Edinburgh. 






Katie Howard, Undergraduate Chemistry Student

I am in my fourth year studying Medicinal and Biological Chemistry at The University of Edinburgh. I am doing my final year project in the Regan Lab in collaboration with David Clarke in the School of Chemistry (University of Edinburgh) to understand how CTPR proteins fold and unfold. I am using mass spectroscopy to study these proteins.  

I love living in Edinburgh and outside the lab, I love discovering new cafes and pubs in the city.





Meg Williams, Undergraduate Exchange Student

I’m a third year Biochemistry student at the University of Texas at Austin studying at the University of Edinburgh during the autumn semester. I am enrolled in Structures and Functions of Proteins 3, The Dynamic Cell 2, and Mapping Health and Illness Across Societies. I will be graduating this Spring and I plan to pursue a PhD in Biochemistry soon after.





Lisa Adams, Senior Administrative Assistant

Abigail Gahm, Undergraduate Student

Fran Harris, Undergraduate Student

Michael Hinrichsen, Graduate Student

Ashley Schloss, Graduate Student

Danielle Williams, Graduate Student

Lili Aramli, Postdoctoral Fellow

Suganthi Balasubramanian, Postdoctoral Fellow

Barney Bishop, Postdoctoral Fellow

Catharine Bradford, Undergraduate Researcher

Craig Ceo, Undergraduate Researcher

Hongli Chen, Research Assistant

Jieming Chen, Graduate Student

Melanie Cocco, Research Scientist

Robert Collins, Teaching

Seema Dalal, Graduate Student

Luca D'Andrea, Postdoctoral Fellow

Eugene Davidov, Affiliated Scientist

Jerry Dinan, Undergraduate Student

Ajit Divakaruni, Undergraduate Researcher

Ivo Doudevski, NIH Postdoctoral Fellow

Laura Edwards, Graduate Student

Edgardo Farinas, Postdoctoral Fellow

Indraneel Ghosh, Postdoctoral Fellow

Morris Gottlieb, Undergraduate Researcher

Bryan Greer, Undergraduate Researcher

Tijana Grove, Postdoctoral Fellow

Susanne Gülich, Postdoctoral Fellow

Michael Hands, Graduate Student

James Huerta, Undergraduate Researcher

Robie Ilagan, Postdoctoral Fellow

Meredith Jackrel, Graduate Student

Merja Kajander, Lab Technician

Tommi Kajander, Postdoctoral Fellow

Masha Kamenetska, Postdoctoral Fellow

Michael Klemba, Graduate Student

Lenka Kundrat, Graduate Student

Tina Liu, Undergraduate Researcher

Aitziber López Cortajarena, Scientist

Donna Luisi, Postdoctoral Fellow

Kristen Lurie, Summer Student

Thomas Magliery, Postdoctoral Fellow

Ewan Main, Postdoctoral Fellow

Stephen Marino, Graduate Student

Janie Merkel, Graduate Student

Andrew Min, Post-Baccalaureate Student

Mary Munson, Graduate Student

Athena Nagi, Graduate Student

L. Michael Nayak, Undergraduate Researcher

Li Ni, Lab Technician

Weilan Pan, Research Associate

Genaro Pimienta-Rosales, Postdoctoral Fellow

Irina Pozdnyakova, Postdoctoral Fellow

Paul Predki, Postdoctoral Fellow

Melissa Quintanilla, Post-Baccalaureate Student

Rakhshi Qureshi, Undergraduate Student

Jason Rahal, Undergraduate Researcher

Marina Ramirez-Alvarado, Postdoctoral Fellow

Dorina Saro, Postdoctoral Fellow

Nicholas Sawyer, Graduate Student

David Scechner, Undergraduate Researcher

Daniel Schlingman, Graduate Student

Bob Seltzer, Undergraduate Researcher

Mimi Shirasu-Hiza, Undergraduate Researcher

Catherine Smith, Graduate Student

Betsy Speltz, Graduate Student

Hiroshi Takashima, Visiting Scientist

Joana Tala, Lab Manager

Sebastian Urday, Summer Student

Janani Venkatraman, Postdoctoral Fellow

Juan Wang, Lab Technician

Mark Willis, Graduate Student

Chris Wilson, Postdoctoral Fellow

Jenny Yang, Postdoctoral Fellow

Fang Yi, Postdoctoral Fellow

Shao-Min Yuan, Postdoctoral Fellow

Alice Zhou, Graduate Student